The best way to contact me is by email. Please read the following information to get the best chance of a reply:

Sponsored content and advertising

I do a limited number of sponsored videos with brands that my audience would gain value from.
contact @ tobyhendy (dot) com

Help with homework questions

Ask your own teachers or tutors :')

Feedback on your new physics work

It is unlikely that I will be an expert in the field you are trying to progress. YouTube should not be your primary source of scientific research. You will need to engage with current literature (journal papers), textbooks, and academics working in the field.

Joining a YouTube MCN

I am not interested in joining any type of YouTube multichannel network.

Other business enquiries

Unfortunately I cannot reply to emails that are personal in nature (fan mail/life advice). If you have a business enquiry you can send an email to my assistant at:
contact @ tobyhendy (dot) com