Frequently asked questions

What does the word 'Tibees' mean?

My real name is Toby (yes I know it’s an unusual name for a girl but I'm glad my parents gave me something a bit different). My username 'Tibees' is a childhood nickname given to me by my brother. I made my YouTube channel under this name in 2006 and by the time I thought about changing it to something sensible it was too late.

A Tibee also appears to be a kind of shrimp but there is no relation.

Where is my accent from?

I have lived about half my life in New Zealand and the other half in Australia so my accent is likely a combination of the two.

What equipment do I use to make videos?

Below is a list of equipment I use, some of these are affiliate links so Amazon gives me a reward if you buy something but it costs you no extra.

My main camera Canon G7X m2
My microphone
I record audio on my phone and edit with Final Cut on my Macbook Pro
My fountain pen

What are my recommendations for someone wanting to learn physics?

There are many paths to learning physics or becoming a physicist.

The most common path to becoming a physics researcher is to do a Bachelor of Science at university and then continue your studies to do a Master's degree and/or PhD (doctorate). With a PhD you can be employed by a research lab to do a postdoc (post-doctoral) and continue to work your way up the academic ladder. You may wish to leave the academic pipeline at any stage and work for industry where you may still be able to use your physics skills to develop products or consult on physics problems. There are many possibilities but you might have to be creative in the opportunities you pursue and how you combine physics/math with other skills. 

I have made a couple of videos about books for learning physics and books for learning mathematics. These videos contain some book recommendations but there is so much overlap between textbooks that for someone getting started the best book is the one you have access to. Go to the local library (or university library) and look through the physics section to see which titles inspire you. There are some second hand textbook marketplaces online and plenty of e-textbooks available. 

John Baez has a more comprehensive guide to learning math/physics

Why don't I reply to DMs?

Unfortunately for many online creators, especially women, it is not safe to reply to direct messages (DMs) due to risks of abuse and obsessive followers. To avoid fostering parasocial relationships and to protect my privacy, my DMs are closed on all platforms.

Do I have a Discord server (or subreddit)?

No. I used to have a Tibees Discord server but it has since been deleted. There is now no server affiliated with my work and I do not wish to have one since it is a lot of responsibility as well as a potential risk to my privacy. For similar privacy reasons I do not want there to be any subreddits associated with my work and would appreciate if you did not create them.
You may not understand this reasoning until you face the horror yourself of having a centralised place where internet strangers can come to talk about you. Before I deleted my Discord server I saw members speculating about where I lived etc. I thank you for your understanding.

What happened to my Instagram?

I no longer use Instagram. I have disabled my old account.